Joseph Kabila et ses proches ont construit un réseau d’entreprises qui touche tous les coins de l’économie congolaise. Est-ce pour cela qu’il ne démissionnera pas?

Avec la fortune de sa famille en jeu, le président Kabila creuse

Par Michael Kavanagh, Thomas Wilson, Et Franz Wild
15 décembre 2016, 12 h 01 HNE

Dans son seul discours public cette année, Joseph Kabila, président de la République démocratique du Congo, s’est montré provocant face à son refus de céder le pouvoir lorsque son dernier mandat prendra fin le 19 décembre. «Je ne peux pas laisser la république prise en otage par un Frange de la classe politique “, at-il déclaré au parlement le mois dernier alors que les membres applaudissaient.

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Idea for the NFL Draft.

Over this past weekend the NFL draft took place in Chicago for the 2nd year in a row.The years prior it was tradition for the event to take place in the Radio city music hall in New York City.The recent change in venue has prompt me to prepose this idea for the future of the Draft.My idea is this” What if you draft was always hosted by the Super bowl winning city? this way the season would end and begin in the same place and further celebrates that teams accomplishment of winning the big game.When the Draft was constantly in New York I always agree with that tradition of it being in the same place every year. but if the NFL will now removing around a bit more I think this could be a nice change for the league. Any team that homes an NFL Franchise would more then likely have a indoor venue in its city like the radio music hall of New York that could house this event.It would also make it easier for fans of different teams to have the chance to attend a draft at some point in their recently reason the Draft fan attendance has been dominated by Giants,Jets and Eagles fans while being in New York and of course obviously Bears fans the past two years in Chicago.By Rewarding the Super Bowl winning city with the honor of hosting the NFL draft would be a win for all involved it would make every years event seem different and unique.

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While the new taxi alternative is helping save people a few dollars on their car ride, it’s making investors lose hundreds. This new “ride sharing” evolution is a bonus for those who want to save more money on their rides to work, school, or even prevent DUI’s is making  a huge impact on the use of taxi drivers medallions. Because the drivers are validated through background checks and driving records, it cancels out the value of medallions, or cab licenses, that taxi drivers have to get which harms taxi drivers need.

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The Bathroom Boycott

Many consumers are boycotting target due to the new bathroom policy. Target has announced that they will now allow customers to use the restrooms according to gender identity instead of their sex.

Everybody is in an uproar and very upset. Apparently, Target is going to be the new “rapist hot spot” because of it. People think that because Target has announced this their will now be heterosexual men that are sexual predators in the restrooms preying on innocent women. Personally, I think that is a little far fetched. I also believe that a lot of people may not know what “gender identity” means and are ignorant to what this really means.

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Satanic books given to children good thing or religious freedom?

U.S. court ruling on religious freedoms has enabled devil worshipers in Florida to hand out educational material about their religion to children in state schools. This year a new book filled with lessons and games it includes 10 pages of activities and includes characters such as Annabel as well as Damien. Who demonstrate rituals to explain Satanism.  This was all made possible after a Florida judge ruled that no one religion can rule over public schools in Florida, and it is religious freedom to release information on other religions to children if Christian groups were going to do the same. The followers of the Anti-Christ ceased on the decision to treat all religions equally.

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UFC Superstar Conor McGregor Finds himself out of a fight come July 9 when UFC 200 takes place

UFC Superstar Conor McGregor was bounced out of UFC 200 coming up on July 9 because he didn’t comply with UFC President Dana White’s rules. McGregor felt he had to do too many public appearances and travel too much to promote for his fight vs Nate Diaz who choked him out in the 2nd round of UFC 196 back in Marc. McGregor feels he’s made too much money for the sport and has put them on a national spotlight and feels he has done enough to promote for this fight, but Dana White disagreed and said McGregor knew his obligations for this fight and deliberately disobeyed and now has to pay the consequences.
There has been a lot left unsaid between Conor McGregor and Dana White between their disagreement on UFC 200. I believe Mr. White really wants to see McGregor vs Diaz 2 and he knew it would be a great money maker for his company but he had to draw a line for his athletes. You invite fighters to come fight at your event and you set the boundaries and the rules and they have to comply with said rules to participate in your event. I believe Mr. White set his rules and clearly made them and Mr. McGregor simply thought he was bigger than the rules because his last 3 fights had made money making records. Male testosterone has been the focal point of millions of arguments and issues throughout time. I, personally would love to see Nate Diaz make Conor McGregor tap out again, but it won’t happen because UFC President, Dana White stuck to his guns against his sports superstar and I respect that.

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Biggest movie Zooms through the box office

Batman v Superman was the first in a long time for DC Comics when it came to making a cinematic universe. The movie went through its hard times  throughout the box office but with its final week of showing the movies box office score has now been shown. Batman v Superman had made almost 900 million dollars at the box office. Now you might think that is a lot but there has been several movies that have surpassed that mark. However, the movie did pretty good even with its not so good ratings.

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Chipotle on the Downfall?

Perhaps the most popular food chain among college students is Chipotle. I’m pretty sure that not a day goes by that I don’t hear the Mexican grill food chain mentioned at least once. Somebody is always talking about how they’re going to go get their burrito bowl after class or about how the guacamole costs way too much extra. However, a new study is showing that Chipotle’s popularity numbers have been going down among teenagers over the past several months.
The study comes from Piper Jaffray’s 2016 “Taking Stock with Teens Survey,” which says that out of the 6,500 teenagers who were surveyed, the majority said that they still liked Chipotle but that they don’t eat there quite as often as they used to. The main reason for this decrease in popularity comes from Chipotle’s health scare that happened earlier this year.
With the E coli breakout that occurred in early 2016, Chipotle took to strategic measures to make sure that customers still kept coming back. When restaurants across the country closed early one day for employee meetings on food safety, the company offered couples through a text deal where customers could receive a coupon for a free burrito on their next visit.
While numbers are still down, this tactic was able to bring some customers in. I myself took part in the deal. From the moment I walked in until the time I got my burrito, I waited almost an hour. Granted, I did go the first day that the coupons were valid. However, it was easy to tell that the company had definitely thought this tactic through. College students were the first to jump at the chance to get their Chipotle burritos for free. I think it will be interesting to see if the chain finds another way to raise customer numbers.

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