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Joseph Kabila et ses proches ont construit un réseau d’entreprises qui touche tous les coins de l’économie congolaise. Est-ce pour cela qu’il ne démissionnera pas?

Avec la fortune de sa famille en jeu, le président Kabila creuse

Par Michael Kavanagh, Thomas Wilson, Et Franz Wild
15 décembre 2016, 12 h 01 HNE

Dans son seul discours public cette année, Joseph Kabila, président de la République démocratique du Congo, s’est montré provocant face à son refus de céder le pouvoir lorsque son dernier mandat prendra fin le 19 décembre. «Je ne peux pas laisser la république prise en otage par un Frange de la classe politique “, at-il déclaré au parlement le mois dernier alors que les membres applaudissaient.

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Three Dead and Twenty Injured in a Mortar Attack upon a UN Base in Northern Mali

Just eight days after Islamic Extremists stormed a Radisson Blu in Bamako, Mali and killed twenty people, an attack on a U.N base in Kidal has left three people dead and twenty others injured (four of which are in serious condition.)

Olivier Salgado, the spokesman for the U.N. mission in Mali, said that the three people killed in the Saturday attack were two U.N peacekeepers and a contractor. Guinea’s Ministry of Defense said that two of its soldiers were killed, and the contractor was revealed in a report from the U.N Security Council to be from Burkina Faso.

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Libya’s ISIS leader killed in U.S. airstrike, great victory for U.S.

Libya has made progress. The senior leader of ISIS in Libya, has been killed by the U.S. military. His name was Abu Nabil and was taken out by a strategic airstrike from the U.S. military. This is a huge success for the U.S. given that this ISIS leader is also theorized to be the one responsible for the recent execution of Coptic Christians. Not only that, bu this “kill” brings ISIS  to a great pause.

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Moise Katumbi and Vital Kamerhe’s Bid for Presidency Rejected by the Congolse Diaspora

(Mozindo News) In recent days there’s a lot of propaganda and lobbying by some DRC politicians who want to position themselves as viable candidates or even frontrunners in the eyes of the international community, especially to American and European lobbyists. Longtime Kabila allies such as the former Katanga governor Muise Katumbi and Mr. Vital Kamehre who is the architect of the Kabila regime are now claiming to be part of the opposition in an effort to try to win the presidency of the Congo. But, despite their efforts most of the Congolese people are not sold to the idea of prolonging the Kabila presidency through a proxy.

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Burkina Faso: Where Are They Now? The Aftermath of the September 17th Coup

On September 17th of this year, Burkina Faso’s transitional government was overthrown by members of an elite military unit known as the Regiment of Presidential Security (RPS), after the the country’s national reconciliation commission recommended the  unit’s disbandment. They were apparently upset that the members of the Congress for Democracy and Progress, the party former president Compaoré and many of their members belong to, were forbidden from voting in the upcoming elections. However, it appears their victory was short-lived.
A few days after Gen. Diendere declared himself head of the new government and postponed the elections, the citizens of Burkina Faso made it clear they weren’t going to stand for it. While the people of Ouagadougou protested in the streets, the national army redirected many of its soldiers to the capital to oust the mutineers, by force if necessary.  The Economic Community of West African States soon issued a resolution calling for the general to step down and reinstate the interim President Michael Kafando until elections are held (the interim Prime Minister, Lt. Col. Yacouba Isaac Zida, had already been released that Monday.) The following Tuesday, Gen. Diendere agreed to hand over control to the civilian government and issued an apology to his nation.
Once reinstated, interim President Kafando officially disbanded the RPS and began to reschedule the country’s elections. His government also asked their citizens to, “remain calm and exert restraint” as reports came in that former RPS members and their families were being attacked by outraged citizens. The interim government also launched a 30 day investigation into the coup, stating that conspirators who played a significant role will be put on trial while the rest will be reintegrated into the national army.
As of Friday the 25th of September, the RPS is no more. Trucks and armored vehicles carrying grenades, automatic machine guns, and other weapons were sent out of the capital, most likely to disperse their cargo among the national army. Gen. Gilbert Diendere was apprehended on October 1st at the Vatican Embassy, where he sought refuge after the army marched on the city. He says he “would like the people of Burkina Faso to find a solution to this crisis through dialogue.” The government has stated that he and his accomplices will most assuredly receive a fair trial.  We’ll see how things go from here.

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The Military of Burkina Faso Successfully Orchestrates a Coup, Affirming International Fears (corrected version)

    The night of September the 16th was wracked with gunfire in Burkina Faso’s capital city of Ouagadougou, before the Regiment of Presidential Security announced over both radio and television the next morning that it had officially seized control of the government.

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