Senseless Killing

Recently there was a planned Isis bombing attack in Paris. Days after that there was a bombing in Syria. These bombings are senseless and make people more afraid that at any moment they can be the target of some terrorist attack. All together there were about seven planned terrorist attacks in Paris. Two of those bombings took place at a soccer game and a concert. At least 130 people died that day. When looking back at all the events that took place there, I get more and more upset. These were all places where kids spend ample time. What is the purpose of all this senseless killing? In a recent 60 minutes’ episode, there were two witnesses who sat outside a restaurant while having coffee when a gunman ran up. One of the gentlemen stated that he saw the gunman approach him and he tried to remain calm because he figured if he freaked out he would get shot. He continued to say that the gunmen were professional and that it looked like they did this before. Instead of just killing everyone, the gunman began to pick out people one by one as if they were targeted already. An act of such disgust is obviously a sign of hatred. No one has a right to take anyone’s life away. More organizations such as Mothers Against Senseless Killings should be formed to educate others and with hope ultimately put an end to tragedies such as the ones that took place in Paris, Syria and the rest of the world.