Doctor assisted suicide

In high school, I wrote a paper about physician assisted suicide. Physician assisted suicide occurs when a physician or other medical professional assists a terminally ill or disabled person to take their own life. An interesting story I came across was about these twin boys who were born blind. They spent their whole lives together and moved in with each other once they got into old age. However, the older they got, their hearing started to go as well and they didn’t want to continue living life when they wouldn’t be able to see or hear each other. They wanted to be euthanized. Some argue that it is acceptable for physicians to assist their patients in committing suicide. One of the main reasons for this argument is that patients who are terminally or disabled often experience a lot of pain and suffering. However, the issue with these twin boys was that they weren’t terminally ill or in pain. This became a real controversial issue about whether or not a doctor had the authority to end these people’s life just because they didn’t want to live without being able to communicate to the other. Additionally, every doctor is required to take an oath before they are licensed that states that they are required to make every effort possible to preserved lives. This went against that oath. My main argument in my high school paper was that it was up to the patient whether or not they thought their situation was worth being euthanized for. Those with terminal illnesses and disabilities often experience a great deal of pain, physically and emotionally. Unless one is suffering a terminal illness or disability no one can claim to understand what the terminally ill or disabled person and their families are going through