Mexican government legalizes marijuana for SMART members, sets precedent

The Mexican Supreme Court has taken a step forward in the war against marijuana. After a 4-1 Supreme Court decision, four representatives of a group are legally allowed to plant, transport, and smoke marijuana for recreational use.

This decision by the Supreme Court overrides five articles of a health act that banned the use and cultivation of the marijuana drug.The group that made this notion and were successfully rewarded  regulation is known as SMART. They are the official board of “trustees” in regards to the proper regulations to take for the sake of the health of the country and its people, as well as maintain a tolerable measure of drug use and practice in the country.

SMART managed to provide an alternative perspective to he Mexican Supreme Court in regards to marijuana. One argument that came to observation was that of personal freedom; or that the use of marijuana for recreational use was ridding the people of having it.

Conclusively, this passing of law sets the stage for further study on the prohibition of marijuana use. The Court and the president of Mexico, even, have equally realized the “positive” in this outcome.

Apart from that, however, this new ruling has set the stage for progress elsewhere: the Mexican economy and America. With this, the Mexican economy can see a rise in profits, GNP,etc. But also, this allows America to see an entire nation without marijuana regulation. Which, essentially creates a prototype for a country without such a regulation.