United States Navy Christens New Attack Submarine USS Washington

The United States Navy has christened it’s 14th Virginia-Class submarine today (March 5, 2016). This submarine (SSN 787) began its journey of construction in 2011. The Navy plans to commission the fourth Virginia-Class Block III. The keel of this new submarine was laid 16 months ago and is planned to be commissioned next year after testing. The sub is the newest edition to the fleet following the new USS Gerald Ford supercarrier; this carrier uses a new system to launch a wider array of aircraft from its tarmac, mainly involving electromagnets. The Navy takes pride in this new sub because of its new and more advanced stealth technology and next generation surveillance. The newly redesigned sub has water-backed Large Aperture Bow sonar array, and two Virginia Payload Tubes are each capable of launching six Tomahawk cruise missiles. This sub can also map and deliver mines to create minefields. This new generation of Sub’s will allow the Navy to be in “the right place all the time.” The Naval Secretary’s oldest daughter Elisabeth christened the Washington and is overseeing the new fleet of 84 ships and submarines coming in the future. The fleet has dropped from 316 on 9/11/2001 to 278. But these 84 will boost the fleet and make it more powerful than before. 10 of those will be submarines like Washington which were contracted with $18 Billion granted to the Navy in 2014. 11 Virginia class subs are under construction to accompany the 12 in service and 5 more are contracted but waiting to be built. This is the third ship named Washington, succeeding the WWII Battleship Washington which was decommissioned in 1947, which was never hit or lost crew and earned 13 battle stars. One can only hope that the new submarine can make as good of a name for itself following the Battleship.