The Zika is Spreading!

From the time it has been since i wrote my blog about the Zika virus, it has spread and infected more people and is become more dangerous. According to Relaxnews article the virus over the past week has infected over 5,000 people. The virus has now accumulated over 40,000 people and it is still counting.  Also according to the article over 1,000 of those 5,000 where pregnant women.

This is virus is starting to get out of control and we need to stop it. The virus is also starting to change by means of infection. The disease usually gives the infected person some aches and fevers, however recently the virus has now brought more serious health conditions, especially in Latin american areas.

According to the article the virus has now spread over 280 Columbian cities with about 67 percent of them being women. so with these reports and statistics this virus is most prevalent in women and is more likely to attack pregnant and expected mothers. The virus is said to affect mostly ages 25 to 29 years since they have comprised about 14 percent of the cases shown.  This is especially sad since many families will have troubles having kids because of this virus.

Unfortunately, about 9,000 pregnant women who have been affected by this virus has been reported to have a type of birth defect in their baby which can be link closely to microcephaly  which is affecting babies of women who where infected while in labor.

Unfortunately i don’t see this infection leaving anytime soon, However, we can constantly do as much as we can to prevent the virus from spreading any further in hopes of stopping it in the near future.