Baseball Season is back and I’m hoping my Chicago Cubs can bring home a World Series Championship for the first time since 1908

It is very hard being a Cubs fan. I have never seen the Cubs play in a World Series and I have been a die hard fan since 1997. I can only imagine the people who have been watching the Cubs lose every season since the 40’s or even longer. I’m sure there are plenty of 70+ year old fans have been much more disappointed than me over a much longer period of time.
With all that being said I do believe the Chicago Cubs have the best team in baseball this season. That does not mean they will bring home the title, that simply means they have the best players and Head Coach in the game right now. But, if you know baseball then you know it is the streakiest sport out there and often times the team that gets hot in the playoffs usually wins the World Series and not always the team with the best players. Vegas gave the Cubs 4-1 odds to win it all this year, which is more than two times better than the next best team at 9-1. This makes me very nervous because that is huge expectations for a team that has been without a title since 1908.
Jake Arrieta is the Cubs ace pitcher who won 22 games in 2015 and won the Cy Young award for best pitcher in the league. They added outfielder and a big time hitter Jason Heyward this off season along with utility infielder Ben Zobrist who was a key player for the 2015 World Series champs The Kansas City Royals. These additions among others add to an extremely talented and young roster with players such as 2015 NL rookie of the year, Kris Bryant, big hitting 1st baseman Anthony Rizzo, along with the power hitting catcher Kyle Schwarber and plenty of other key players such as Veteran Pitcher John Lackey make the Cubs a big time favorite. They won 97 games in 2015 and made the wild card playoff spot coming in 3rd place in an NL Central Division with 2 of the other best teams in baseball (Pirates and Cardinals). They beat the Pirates in a 1 game playoff then beat the Cardinals in the Divisional round before being swept by the Mets in the NL Championship Series. The entire Cubs nation says it every year but this really could be “our year”, let’s take the title back to the north side of Chicago boys!