Kansas City Royals Opening Day Flag Raising and Downing New York Mets Again

Kansas City has been on fire the past few years. The Chiefs have had a winning record that past three seasons beginning in 2013 after going 2-14 in the 2012 season. Sporting Kansas City Soccer won last years US Open Cup, claiming their third Lamar Hunt trophy after their 2012 win; the women’s team FC Kansas City won back-to-back National Women’s Soccer League championships. But beyond all those the Kansas City Royals proved they, among the other teams of the city, are no fluke after winning the 2015 World Series over the New York Mets. That momentous occasion came after a devastating close game 7 loss to the San Francisco Giants in their first World Series appearance since their first World Series win in 1985. The redemption was that much sweeter after reaching the world series back to back and claiming their second ever world championship 30 years after they beat the Cardinals in 1985.

Following the nostalgia, tears of joy, countless cheering and sheer pride from the fans of Kansas City. The Royals came back to begin their season at the Home Opener Sunday, April 3rd. The Royals enjoyed a full stadium underneath the midwest spring sun as they raised the 2015 World Champions flag over the Royals Hall of Fame, right next to the legendary 1985 World Champions flag that has flown alone for 30 years. After beating the Mets, to make things worse for New York fans and the team, they had to play the Royals at the Royals home opener, watch the flag they had a chance to win, and tonight (4/5/16) watch the Royals hometown hero Alex Gordon and teammates such as Mike Moustakas, Wade Davis, and UCF Alumni Drew Butera receive their world championship rings. Not only do they have to watch them bask in the glory and long awaited victory, they were defeated 4-3 by the Royals on opening night. The Royals look to finish this two game series with another win and prove that they would have no matter what won the 2015 World Series and they’re determined to make their way back for a third straight appearance.