Idea for the NFL Draft.

Over this past weekend the NFL draft took place in Chicago for the 2nd year in a row.The years prior it was tradition for the event to take place in the Radio city music hall in New York City.The recent change in venue has prompt me to prepose this idea for the future of the Draft.My idea is this” What if you draft was always hosted by the Super bowl winning city? this way the season would end and begin in the same place and further celebrates that teams accomplishment of winning the big game.When the Draft was constantly in New York I always agree with that tradition of it being in the same place every year. but if the NFL will now removing around a bit more I think this could be a nice change for the league. Any team that homes an NFL Franchise would more then likely have a indoor venue in its city like the radio music hall of New York that could house this event.It would also make it easier for fans of different teams to have the chance to attend a draft at some point in their recently reason the Draft fan attendance has been dominated by Giants,Jets and Eagles fans while being in New York and of course obviously Bears fans the past two years in Chicago.By Rewarding the Super Bowl winning city with the honor of hosting the NFL draft would be a win for all involved it would make every years event seem different and unique.