Biggest movie Zooms through the box office

Batman v Superman was the first in a long time for DC Comics when it came to making a cinematic universe. The movie went through its hard times  throughout the box office but with its final week of showing the movies box office score has now been shown. Batman v Superman had made almost 900 million dollars at the box office. Now you might think that is a lot but there has been several movies that have surpassed that mark. However, the movie did pretty good even with its not so good ratings.

In the U.S. the movie was given #11 in comic book movies with Gaurdians of the galaxy beating it by just a little. the movie has had great visuals but the plot and story had made it fall back in score and was not able to beat out its competitors. Fortunately that doesn’t stop the studio makers of this film since many other DC installments are coming this way. this also means a Justice League movie that is a sequel to the Batman v Superman. However, the studio is hoping that the suicide squad will bring in the big bucks here soon since it is a very anticipated movie for most and will probably beat out Batman v Superman by a long shot.

Batman v Superman was an excellent try at an iconic comic book story but failed to deliver in all its glory. hopefully when more DC movies come out they can learn from their mistakes and help make the future movies more entertaining and less boring.